Information about meteorology – Best Career in meteorologist

Information about meteorology (What is meteorology), How to become a meteorologist. Future (Career) Know about meteorology. meteorology schools

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Information about meteorology - Future in meteorologist

Information about meteorology : What is meteorology

Indian meteorology is a name that everyone is familiar with. About which people know that every state has a meteorological center. It is a better career option to get a job. In today’s era, everyone wants to get a good government job (how to get a meteorological government job), so for this, you should choose in this great department because working here is a great experience. And friends, we have published very simple information about this in the previous article. So by reading this, you can make a beautiful career in the Meteorology Department.

How to make a career in meteorology (employment) By reading this article, you can make a career in this field. And you will know how to become a meteorologist, employment opportunities in metrology, career tips to become a metrologist, all this information has been published for you, so friends, read it and share it with needy students.

I thought it is a very important and serious department of the government. From here we get information about the weather. And if yes, would you like to know how to make a better career in this department? So this article is made for you only, take advantage of it. (Information about meteorology)

Information about Meteorologist (How to become a Meteorologist):

Indian meteorology is a sub-discipline of atmospheric science that focuses primarily on meteorological processes and forecasts. Meteorology involves both climate and weather and is related to the physical, chemical and dynamic state of the Earth’s atmosphere and its interactions between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere. The major responsibility of the Indian meteorologist is to monitor and analyze its changes in order to forecast and explain the weather conditions for the benefit of man.

Types of Job Roles in Meteorologist:

Meteorologists are required for various jobs. The following are some employment profiles that meteorologists can pick up after acquiring the necessary skills.

Industrial meteorologist: The main responsibility of an industrial meteorologist is to study and solve problems related to industrial pollution and emissions.

Physical meteorologist: The major responsibility of physical meteorologists is to study the physical nature of the atmosphere, its chemical structure, and optical, acoustic and electrical properties. They also study environmental problems and find solutions.

Research meteorologist: These meteorologists study climate and weather patterns. They analyze and interpret data related to rainfall, humidity, wind, temperature, etc. They also study events such as the greenhouse effect.

Eligibility to become a Meteorologist:

a. Students desirous of becoming a meteorologist should take a science stream in class 12,

b. After completing class 12th in the Science stream, students can take the B.Tech course in Meteorology.

c. In India, most IITs offer this course. Students can also do a Diploma in Engineering course in Meteorology in class and can get direct second-year admission in the B.Tech Meteorology course through Lateral Entry.

d. After B.Tech, students can take M.Tech or M.Sc in Meteorology for higher-level jobs or research posts.

e. Students can also appear in the recruitment examination conducted by Staff Selection Commission or Government of India / UPSC for the posts of Meteorologists.

f. If students want to take Scientific B.Sc or B.Tech in Meteorology, then they should pass class 12 in Science stream,

Job opportunities for meteorologists:

Meteorologists get employment mostly in the government sector, and there are zero scopes for employment in the private sector. A person with the necessary skills and qualifications can get employment in the following departments. However, they have to approve a written examination or recruitment process for jobs in these areas or regions or departments: – (Mausam Vigyan me career)

A. Meteorological Research Center,

B. Meteorological Department in States and Center,

C. Agricultural Planning Division,

D. Aircraft and missile manufacturer,

E. Weather Consulting Organization,

F. Navy,

G. Air Force,

H. Top recruitment agencies for meteorologists,

Meteorologists can get employment or jobs in the government sector after approving written examinations and interviews. As seen

1. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD),

2. Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO),

3. National Remote Sensing Agency,

4. Space Application Center,

5. Indian Air Force,

6. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology,

7. Department of Science and Technology,

8. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO),

9. Department of Agriculture Organization,

Meteorologist’s salary:

Meteorologists in various fields earn a satisfactory salary. Most companies pay more for highly skilled and experienced meteorologists and researchers.

The average salary of a meteorologist can be around 39,00,000 / – (Average Meteorologist Salary) according to

Books to become a meteorologist:

So tell friends, students preparing for entrance exams and jobs in meteorology know more to increase knowledge: – (Mausam Vigyan me career)

1. Weather and Climate Infrastructure, by Robin McElwain

2. Atmosphere: – Introduction to Meteorology by Frederick K. Lutgens,

3. Meteorology: – Introduction weather, climate, and environment,

4. Atmospheric Sciences: – An introductory survey by John M. Wallace,

meteorology schools list – college

The University of Alabama in Huntsville –
M.S. and Ph.D. – Department of Atmospheric Science

The University of Alaska –
M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science – University of Alaska Fairbanks

The University of Arizona –
Department of Geosciences – B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. – Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Ball State University
B.S. – Geography (meets NWS course requirements for meteorology positions)

California University of Pennsylvania
B.S. – Earth Science

University of California, Davis
B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. – Atmospheric Science Department

University of California, Los Angeles
B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. – Department of Atmospheric Sciences

University of Chicago
B.S., B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. – Department of Geophysical Sciences

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. – Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Iowa State University
B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. – Atmospheric Science

The Johns Hopkins University
B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. – Planetary Geodynamics Group/Earth and Planetary Sciences

University of Kansas
B.S. – Atmospheric Science

Lyndon State College
B.S. – Department of Meteorology

University of Maryland
M.S. and Ph.D. – Department of Meteorology

College of DuPage
Associate in Science – Natural Sciences Division

Drexel University
B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. – Department of Physics (includes Atmospheric Science courses)

Florida State University
B.S., M.S., and Ph.D – Department of Meteorology

Georgia Institute of Technology
Undergraduate minor, M.S. and Ph.D. – School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Qualities of becoming a meteorologist (work of meteorologists):

A. Collecting data from satellite images and weather stations around the world,

B. Measuring things like air pressure, temperature, and humidity,

C. Analysis of data,

D. Presenting information,

E. Using complex computer models to make short and long-term weather forecasts,

F. Monitoring climate change

G. Researching various topics like atmosphere or clouds,

And then using that research to warn of flooding or describe what the effects of climate change can be, etc.

Overview: – Information about meteorology (How to make a career in meteorology – How to become a meteorologist)

Name- How to know the information of meteorology in the future,

Educational Qualification: – MSc in Engineering, BSc, and Meteorology, Ph.D.

Skill: – To get information about new subjects, know more about Meteorological Department,

Job Location: – India, and the United States of America (USA).

Job Category: – Meteorologist

Types of Meteorologist: – Industrial meteorologist, Physical meteorologist, Research meteorologist,

Final Word: – How to become a meteorologist. meteorology schools

Official website: –

We hope that this article has been useful for you because you have learned that Information about meteorology – meteorology schools (How to become a Meteorologist) and if you get some help from this article, then it should be given to your friends and people in need. So that we too can continue writing these articles,

Thank you…

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