How To Become an OT Technician (OTT) – OT Technician Salary

How to Become an OT Technician, (How to become an OT Technologist) Future in After 12th OT technician? How to make a career in Operation Theater Technician? OT Technician Salary and course details.

How to become an OT Technician (OTT) - OT technician salary

How to become an OT Technician (OTT) – OT technician salary

If you also want to make a better career in medical then definitely read the article How to become an OT Technician. In this post, OT technicians will know all the information about it, so that you can make a successful career as an OT Technician. In this article, we will tell you what is OT Full Form, OT Technician Course, and OT Technician Salary? Also, we will discuss in detail about Career in OT Technician and what are Future OT Technician Job Roles. So friends, let’s know without delay.

OT Full Form - Operation Theater (Technician)

Become an OT Technician (Operation Theater Technician) | Career in OT Technology in English

Do you want to make a career in the field of medical and healthcare, but do not want to go through the long process of becoming a doctor, then you are reading the right article, then friends, in today’s article, you will find special doctors like surgeons, anesthesiologists, and many other doctors. Know about the Operation Theater Technician who helped.

Yes, read right, becoming an Operation Theater Technician is one of the possible options. Individuals opting for a career as an Operation Theater Technician are always in high demand as they are required in every hospital with an operation theater.

The role of a theater assistant in the operating room is to prepare and maintain the operating theater and equipment, assist the surgical and anesthetic teams during operations, and assist patients in their recovery. So friends, stay tuned till the end of the article for step-by-step information about how to become an Operation Theater Technician.

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About Operation Theater Assistant (Technician) – What Is OT Technician?

The Operation Theater (OT) technician plays a vital role in assisting the health care professionals during patient care. The concerned person has complete knowledge about the various aspects of working in an operation theater like Biomedical Waste Management and Infection Control.

OT Technicians are able to assist nurses and surgeons in various procedures such as preparing the operation theatre, maintaining equipment, personal hygiene, and filling forms during and after surgery.

An OT technician needs to be polite and empathetic as he may have to deal with patients and relatives who may be mentally, physically, and emotionally disturbed from time to time.

The primary duty of an OT technician is to maintain a sterile environment for the surgery team and patients during and after surgery. Before surgery, he or she washes and sterilizes all instruments and surgical instruments, then the technician prepares the patient for surgery by washing and disinfecting the incision sites. And, finally, the OT assistant makes the surgical team put on scrubs, masks, and gowns.

During the surgical procedure, the OT assistant sends surgical instruments to the surgeon, applies dressings, cuts stitches, and prepares samples for laboratory analysis. Upon completion of the surgery, the OT assistant is the person responsible for transporting the patient to the recovery room and cleaning the OT for the next surgery.

Requirement of skilled operation theater technicians or technologists –

A survey conducted by the National Institute for Allied Health Science and Public Health Foundation of India, Ministry of Health in December 2012, highlighted the shortage of skilled and qualified paramedical staff in India, mentioning that there are 8.5 Anesthesia and Operation Theater Technicians in India.

The number of OT technicians required in a hospital depends on the number of operation theatres, functional hours as well as type of specialty. Generally, if an OT is functional for 24 hours, the number of technicians required in the hospital is 3 per OT table.

Skilled OT Technicians not only improve the turnaround time and utilization of the operation theater, but also bring efficiency to the surgical team, and influence patient-service quality parameters and response.

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What does an Operation Theater Technician do?

Operation Theater technologists or technician staff are not only aware of the advanced tools and equipment used in the operation theater, but also about their optimum use on the surgical patient, and in many ways to the patient’s life and health.

These technologists can also provide life-saving and critical places when needed.

Eligibility to become Operation Theater Technician

To become an OT technician, you can choose to do any course after passing the 10th. So let’s have a look at the various course options available,

Certificate course in Operation Theater Technology:-

This course can be pursued after completing the 10th standard to acquire some basic skills and those who are willing to get into this field can opt for it to get some entry-level jobs.

The duration of this course ranges from 6 months to 1 year as it depends on different institutes. To be eligible for this, you must have passed 10th with at least 50% marks from a recognized board.

Diploma course in Operation Theater Technology:-

This course is popularly known as DOTT and is a diploma certificate program.

You can do this after the 10th or 12th class. It is a 3-year course and for this, you must have passed 10th and 12th with at least 50% from a recognized board.

After completing this course, you can do B.Sc. like,

1. B.Sc. in Operation Theater and Anesthesia Technology,

2. B.Sc in OT Technology,

3. B.Sc in Operation Theater Technology or

4. B.Sc in Medical Technology (Operation Theater),

5. And you can also go for an M.Sc PG Diploma or PG Certificate course.

How to become an Operation Theater Technician?

The students have to be clearly competent about how to become an operation theater technician because to become an operation theater technologist students have to complete the above-mentioned class 10th and their 12th with minimum 50 percentile marks,

And students need a B.Sc in Operation Theater Technology to start their career. So let’s know about Operation Theater Course and Operation Theater Technology Course.

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Entrance examinations –

Many colleges conduct entrance examinations before taking admission. To be eligible to appear in the entrance test, students must have completed their 12th with a minimum of 50% marks, only then the students will be eligible for the entrance test,

Undergraduate Operation Theater Technician Entrance Exam -

NEET: National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test
JEE Main: Joint Entrance Examination Main
AIIMS EE: All India Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam
JEE Advanced: Joint Entrance Examination Advanced
JNU EEE: Jawaharlal Nehru University Engineering Entrance Exam

Undergraduate course - Operation theater technology

Students need B.Sc in Operation Theater Technology to start their career.

To make a career as an Operation Theater Technologist one needs to complete their graduation course:-

Undergraduate Operation Theater Technician Course List:-
  1. BSc (Bachelor of Science) Specialization,
  2. Operation theater technology medical lab technology,
  3. Biology Medicine and Health Sciences,
  4. Nursing Radiography and Imaging Technology,
  5. Radiology,
Postgraduate Operation Theater Technician Course List:-
  1. MSc (Master of Science) Specialization,
  2. Operation theater technology medical lab technology,
  3. Biology Medicine and Health Sciences,
  4. Nursing,
  5. Radiography and Imaging Technology,
  6. Radiology,
  7. Clinical Nutrition,
  8. Clinical research,
Eligibility of Operation Theater (OT) Technician:-
  1. Age: Above 18 Years,
  2. Minimum Education: 12th Pass (Only Science Stream), Graduate with 12th Science (Any Stream) can also apply.
  3. Gender: Both males and females can register.
Operation Theater Course Fees - Operation Theater Assistant Fees

The fee for doing a course in Operation Theater Technology ranges between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,00,000.

Responsibilities of Operation Theater Technicians:-
  1. Working with OT equipment such as anesthesia machines, heart-lung machines, and ventilator equipment,
  2. Maintenance of Operation Theater Records,
  3. Conducting regular physical verification of all OT devices,
  4. Ensure that proper and regular supply of oxygen and suction is maintained at all times,
  5. Responsible for the fumigation of OTs and their documentation,
  6. Ensuring the function of centralized oxygen piping,
  7. Maintain OT temperature and humidity as per protocol,
  8. Using a cleaning system to remove the anesthetic gases,
  9. Confirming the functioning of the anesthesia machine and breathing system,
  10. Testing and verification of all equipment and medicines,
  11. Handling C-arm machines during surgery,
  12. To assist the surgeon during the surgical procedure (surgery),
  13. Monitoring the patient during the pre-operative and post-operative phases,
  14. Assisting the anesthesiologist in preparing medicines, fluids, blood transfusions, and medicines,
Factors that contribute to becoming a successful Operation Theater Technician –

clinical and pharmacological knowledge,
infection control exercises,
communication skills,
behavioral skills,
quick and alert,
attention or attention to detail,
OT should be able to follow protocols and regulations (ethics/dedication), etc.

Career as an Operation Theater Team – How To Become an OT Technician?

The OT team is responsible for the well-being of the patient throughout. In this, you can make a career as a different member.

Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon
Anesthesiology (anesthesiology),
Operation Theater Nurse
Operation Theater Technician
patient care attendant,
Types of Operation Theater Technician Job Roles:-

Dental Assistant:- OT Assistant can work as Dental Assistant. The only difference is that it will be in a dental setting and not a surgical one. He will be in charge of making appointments, maintaining records, and taking X-rays.

Medical and Diagnostic Laboratory Technologist:- They are responsible for conducting diagnostic tests and maintaining laboratory equipment. They work with microscopes, laboratory machines, and computers to analyze samples and bodily fluids to identify abnormalities and reach a diagnosis.

Medical assistant:- Medical assistants are involved in taking a medical history, they monitor and record vital symptoms of patients. They are also responsible for carrying out clinical and administrative tasks for physicians in hospitals and clinics.

Audiometrist:- Audiometric Officer is a healthcare professional technician who has received specialized training in the use of pure tone audiometry equipment.

Biomedical Engineers:- They are responsible for designing biomedical equipment and equipment, (such as artificial internal organs, replacement of body parts, and machines for diagnosing medical problems). To install, adjust, maintain, repair, or provide technical support for technical assistance.

Types of OTT – Types of Operation Theater Technician

Health Technician Manager:- A healthcare technology manager is a position that combines science, business, and technology. In general, a healthcare technology manager is responsible for managing various health technology management personnel by directing and overseeing daily activities.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist:- Nuclear Medicine Technologist is a highly specialized healthcare professional who works closely with Nuclear Medicine Physicians. Some of the primary responsibilities of technologists are to prepare and administer radioactive chemical compounds, known as radiopharmaceuticals.

Medical Lab Technician:- Job description of Medical Laboratory Technician may include working under a Technologist or Supervisor and conducting laboratory research on a regular basis. Medical lab technicians inspect samples and operate equipment that automatically processes samples. They often prepare standard solutions that require the correct amounts of different chemicals to use and combine in the laboratory.

Operation Theater Technician Jobs – Job Opportunities for OT Assistants

Operation Theater Assistants work as a part of a team in government jobs as well as in private hospitals and clinics with surgical wards.

They work alongside nurses, doctors, surgeons, anesthetists, and other administrative staff. They need to be calm and confident, they should be able to follow procedures efficiently,

What can OT technicians do in the future?

A career in Operation Theater Technician is ever-growing and constantly evolving to meet the demands of patients as well as the growing need for ethical healthcare.

The scope of the career is limited to hospitals but after having enough experience in this field, you can always grow into a bigger job role.

The remuneration packages of these OTT professionals are based on one’s qualification, experience, knowledge as well as the reputation of the hospital in which they are working. The career starts with OT Assistants and progresses to Technicians, Senior Technicians, OT Supervisors, and OT Technical Officers.

Apart from managing and conducting operation theaters, there is a wide career prospect in organ transplant handling, specialized child care unit handling, cancer units management, etc.

OT Technician Salary – (Operation Theater Technician/Assistant Salary)

The average salary of an Operation Theater Assistant or Technician is around Rs. 4,50,000/- per annul. And after gaining a lot of experience, this number can increase.

As OT Technician Starter anywhere Rs. 10,000/- to Rs.30,000/- can get income.

Note:- The above figures are an estimate and may vary from person to person and company to company.

So friends hope you as a healthcare hero, will do more and more good healthcare and work together with medical technology which is moving and innovating fast. Because talking about OT Technician Salary, all OT Technician Salary is different.

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Inspection supervision:

Overview:- How to Become an OT Technician (Operation Theater Technician)
Name- career in Operation Theater Technician – OT Technician Salary?
Educational:- Certificates course, Diploma, and Any Other,
Skill:- Getting information about new subjects,
Job Location:- India, USA, and Other Country,

Apna Sandesh FAQs –

Que 1. Why is a surgery called theater?

Early dedicated rooms for surgical procedures were called operating theaters because they literally resembled theaters, built-in gallery style for public viewing.

Que 2. What is Operation Theater?

Operation Theater Technician course is a job-oriented paramedical course, during an operation, various instruments, anesthesia, and equipment are involved, such as assisting the doctor/surgeon in surgery, besides enabling the OT to take care of basic patient monitoring activities Huh.

Que 3. What is a B.Sc course in Operation Theater Technology?

B.Sc. Operation Theater Techniques deals with all functions and management of operation theater, this course prepares students to manage patients as well as monitor the ins and outs of an operation theater.

Que 4. Who is the General Physician?

While the job of a general practitioner is to ensure the well-being of patients through medicine and exercise, in many settings, including public health organizations, teaching centers, medical practices, group practices, and hospitals, a general physician is considered a practitioner of medicine.

Que 5. How long is the operation theater course?

The duration of certificate courses ranges from 6 months to 1 year, and the duration of diploma courses is up to 3 years.

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