How to make a career in Germany MBBS – Doctor salary

How to make a career in Germany MBBS – Doctor salary, How to do PG/MD Doctor in Germany, How to make a career in Germany MBBS, How to do PG for MBBS? [how to do PG course], how to do in PG (post-graduation), how to apply for PG? – to specify

How to make a career in Germany MBBS - How to do PG Doctor salary

MBBS – How to make a career in PG?

How to become a PG (Post-Graduation) – Friends, Post-Graduation [PG] is necessary to achieve a profession. If candidates having an MBBS degree want to practice medicine. So – What is PG?
Friends, I would like to tell you that for specialization in a particular field, there is a need to do Post-Graduation [PG] in the concerned specialization. Also, the career of the candidate becomes wider after post-graduation.

The basic qualification required for Post-Graduation [PG] in Germany is M.B.B.S. Which is mandatory from MCI [Medical Council of India] recognized institute.

Friends, candidates can complete their education for Post-Graduation [PG] in three/four years in Germany with their MBBS degree. So let’s know about how to become PG? Do you also want MBBS Doctor? How to do PG in Germany after MBBS? make a career in PG? Know best near me Hospital, best Germany Eye doctor? How to do PG (Post-Graduation)? To know more details about PG (Post-graduation) stay tuned till the last step of this article. So now let’s see.

PG (Post Graduate) in Germany | How to become a PG Specialist in Germany

Have you recently completed your MBBS course? Do you want to become a professional doctor? Or are you planning to do PG now? So friends, let me tell you that most of the students in India are very worried about their AIPGMEE Results. It is said that only 10 percent of those who apply for PG in India take admission. Many people want to enroll in the specialization they want, but due to paucity of money, they are not able to enroll.

But friends, let me tell you that you should not take tension because you do not need to be a part of it. You are now taking admission to pursue PG [postgraduate] in Germany.

Although everyone dreams of becoming a specialist doctor in India, it is difficult to get admission. But friends Indian students can study medical PG in Germany with world-class education without any tuition fees. Medical PG education in Germany is considered very prestigious in the education system of the whole world.

Let us tell you that the approach of the medical school of Germany is largely practical. Professors and faculty members are given extensive, robust training. The fun fact is that; After completion of training the medicine is known as Fechertex in Germany. This means the exceptionally high quality, experience, and knowledge at PG’s Bad in Germany is what makes your successful career.

Courses by Germany PG Universities – Courses by Germany

1. Gynecology and Obstetric Course,
2. Child Health Course,
3. Medical Record Technology Course,
4. Medical imaging technology Course,
5. Medical Lab Technology Course,
6. Hearing language and speech Course,
7. Physiotherapy Course,
8. Operation Theater Technology Course,
9. OT Technician Course,
10. Cardiac Pulmonary Perfusion Course,
11. Anesthesiology Course,
12. Child Health Course,
13. Medical radio-diagnosis Course,
14. Rural Health Care Course,
15. Community Health Care Course,
16. Disabled Course,
17. Ophthalmology Course,
18. Optometry Course,
19. Dermatology Course,
20. Clinical Research Course,
21. Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy Course,

PG studies in Germany What is the duration of PG studies in Germany?

1. The total duration of PG in Germany is three to four years, and it depends on the specialization of each area.
2. And let me tell you that studying in Germany is free.
3. The medium of teaching PG in Germany is German,
4. And, to study PG in Germany you need to learn German at B-level,

Eligibility Criteria for PG in Germany – Eligibility Criteria

If you want to do PG in Germany then there are some important eligibility criteria to fulfill,
You have to pass the MCI screening test by completing your graduation from India, generally, the MBBS course is considered similar to a German MBBS degree. So if you want to do PG in Germany then you need an MBBS degree.
Check your eligibility with the university you are applying for,
Excellent spoken and written English skills, become an expert
University degree with the above-average result, etc.

Documents required for P.G.

1. Scanned mark sheet of class 10th and 12th,
2. Birth certificate,
3. A valid passport,
4. Migration Certificate,
5. Passport size photograph,
6. Application letter,
7. Offer letter from Germany PG University,
8. MBBS course degree certificate,
9. Copy of passport translated and notarized in the German language,
10. Medical certificate containing a complete report of HIV and vaccination,
11. Your parent’s bank statement to prove that you can afford the course fees and living expenses,
12. Translated into German and copy of the certificate providing notarized study,
13. Payment of National Center Account,
14. Video Interviews,
15. Air tickets, etc.

These are essential documents, and you have to show them at the time of admission, and the papers must be 100% original. If there is an issue with any of the documents, then they are not eligible for admission.

Procedure to do PG in MBBS in Germany –

Friends, there are some advantages of doing PG after MBBS in Germany. like –

Germany is known for its world-class healthcare system, which means you will have the opportunity to train in advanced equipment with modern equipment,

For your information, let us tell you that there is no tuition fee for most of the courses in Germany i.e. the cost of education is ahead of zero.

PG courses in Germany include on-the-job training in which the hospital approves you to conduct medical operations.

Universities also offer students a monthly stipend which can be up to 4500 Euros monthly.

After the completion of your training, you are awarded the title of “expert or consultant”, increasing your chances of obtaining permanent German residency. how to become an expert

MBBS in Germany How to Apply for PG – MBBS in Germany

If you are planning to apply for your PG after MBBS in any university in Germany, you must have the necessary knowledge about the admission process to get all the information about this process by the end of the article. Stay tuned and share our article with your friends and acquaintances.

So guys would like to point out that first of all you should have a solid knowledge of the German language, a field like medicine requires personal interaction with your patients. Since a PG course in medicine essentially trains you for the practical aspects of the job, it is important that you are fluent enough in the language to help your patients.

Before applying for the course, you must have an A1 or A2 level in German Basics,

Next, you have to get the admit card for TELC B2 and TELC C1 from a government-approved language learning center or exam.

Only after this procedure, you can get confirmed supervision by a German hospital approved by the German Medical Council. The supervision can be extended for a period of 6 months and initially for a period of one month only.

How to apply for PG – German Medical System

After that you have to apply for an approval test, then all your submitted documents will be verified and if your educational qualification

It is adapted to the German medical system so that you can appear for the exam. If you pass the exam, you will be given an appropriation license,

The exam is conducted in a viva format in which the exam is conducted in German by the Board of Physicians. The exam consists of questions related to Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, and Surgery.

How to get MCI Approval for Md/Ms in Germany – german health insurance system

Friends, I would like to tell you that MCI recognizes many German medical universities to provide MD/MS programs for Indian doctors. You can see the list of such universities at You can prefer PG seats in hospitals affiliated with these boards or universities. But friends, for your information, let me tell you that success in getting a PG seat depends on many things like –

– You should have proficient knowledge of the language,
– Letter of Recommendation (LOR) received during observation or hospitalization,
– You must pass the exit test in Germany,
– Clearance of MC1 level exam,
– Research work, if any.
– Practical experience in India before moving to Germany,

Top Universities in Germany for PG in MBBS

Some of the top universities to do PG Doctor in Germany after MBBS include-

  1. RWTH Aachen University,
  2. Fu Berlin,
  3. the University of Hamburg,
  4. the University of Bonn,
Average earnings in Germany – Salary in PG

Those who want to settle in Germany can understand the income structure in Germany after an MD/MS course abroad. Here in Germany, a doctor can work as MD / MS from the hospital with a salary of up to Rs 75 lakhs per year.

Many Indian doctors have opted for this route for PG after MBBS in India.

An added advantage of low cost in German hospitals and a guaranteed adherence to German hospitals makes Germany’s program popular among Indian doctors.

Hope you guys liked this article, you must have read this article for PG (Post-Graduation) in Germany. How to do a career in PG? However, if you have missed or missed the information regarding this, then do let us know by commenting,

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Qualification – Graduation from a recognized University in Germany,
Average starting salary – 4500 euros, from,

Apna sandesh FAQs –

Que. 1. Is there an age limit to study MBBS or BDS abroad?

There is no age limit from the point of view of universities abroad, but as NEET qualification is now mandatory for any student to pursue MBBS in India or abroad, it automatically sets an age limit.

Que. 2. How can one join WHO after MBBS?

WHO conducts its own recruitment process independently, if you are an MBBS doctor then you can join WHO by applying directly from them.

Que. 3. Is an MBBS degree abroad not valid in India?

MBBS degree from abroad is valid in India as of today and in the future after the next student’s FMGE exam, the student needs to ensure that the college abroad must be approved by MCI,

Que. 4. Which country is best for MBBS abroad?

There is no direct answer to this question, one must check various factors to see which country is best for MBBS abroad.

Que. 5. Can I do MBBS at the age of 26?

It will depend on the student category, the maximum age limit to appear in NEET for general category students is 25 while for non-general category students it is 30.

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