CNC full form – Basic information of CNC machine and Programming

CNC full form – Basic information of CNC machine, What is CNC, What is Programming. Application of CNC Machine, Machine Learning, and CNC Machine. How does CNC work, what is the full form of CNC?

CNC full form - Basic information of CNC machine and Programming

CNC full form – Basic information of CNC machine and Programming

Hello friends, all of you are welcome again to our web portal We have once again brought a new topic for you, friends, this article is for those people who want to learn new things every day, and this topic is CNC Technology.

From our experience, this article will be very useful for those who want to become an Engineer and those who want to be aware of the technology. Talking about the industry in today’s era, all the engineers in the industry work on CNC machines only. 80 percent of the students of 10th, 12th, ITI, and Polytechnic are given work on CNC machines only. But learning CNC programming is not so easy, it has to work hard, only then can a CNC Operator Engineer be made. So friends, today we will learn about the basic things of CNC and full form.

 CNC full form -  ''computer numerical control''

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Basic information of CNC machine – What is CNC

The abbreviation for CNC is computer numerical control. Different machines are used and used in the industrial industry. That is why Conventional Machines (Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, etc.) are being used for Mass Production in the industry. But the same product cannot be done on a conventional machine because it completely depends on the worker. Due to this job rejection increases. And the company is not able to fulfill its target and all this work can be automated, so numerical control has been used. In order to start the machine tools, turn on the spindle, turn on the coolant, apply the depth of cut, speed up, the machine is informed by sign language using a special electronic system to complete all the tasks. Sign language (code) It is indicated by English letters and numbers.

English Alphabets – A to Z,
Number – 0 to 9,
For example – M3 This code is given to start Spindle Clockwise.

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Advantages of CNC Machine:-

High Accuracy:-

In this machine, the “difference” can be given in Micron so this accuracy is very high.

Increase Production:-

You can fill the hesitation of tools in the program itself and can use multi-tools in the same programming. So the production starts increasing.

Reduce Time (Time Saving):-

There is more than one table on CNC. If the operation continues on one table, then the job setting can be kept on the other table. This saves time.

Very less Rejection:-

If CNC Programming is set with Perfect Measurement, the Rejection is very less.

Reduced Inspection and Cost:-

Only the first job is checked. And if there is some problem with it then the programming edit is done. After that job checking is not done.

Less Scrap:-

Evidence of scrap in CNC machines is very little.

Less manpower:-

According to the given cycle time, CNC automatic is started, so one person can operate two machines. That’s why manpower is less.

More Machine Life:-

Due to the presence of regular oil in the machine, the life of the machine increases.

Disadvantages of CNC Machine – Disadvantages:-

The way CNC has more advantages, similarly it also has some disadvantages.

High Investment Cost:-

CNC uses modern machinery, and it is also very effective, so the machine has to pay a high price.

High Maintenance Cost:-

For the fitness of CNC machines, we need highly qualified engineers and experienced engineers, parts of CNC machines are also very costly.

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Method of doing job machining on CNC machine:-

The things that are needed to operate the CNC machine, the sequence has to send information to the CNC. It is necessary for the operator to have knowledge of those things or knowledge of each sequence.

To do job machining on CNC machine tools, every step has to be planned from beginning to end. Therefore it is necessary for the Operator and CNC Engineer to have the following knowledge.

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Study of Part Drawing:-

The part or job which is to be machining, the drawing of that part is prepared. Drawing is completely according to the rules of ISI (Indian Standard Institution). Key Length, Width, Round Diameter, Drill Radius, corner radius, chamber angle radius, surface roughness grade, and drawing symbol are given on this drawing. In this way, the entire drawing has to be studied.

To Determine the Co-Ordination:-

After taking the part drawing completely, according to the operation of the drawing, the sequence of each operation will be fixed. While thinking of the sequence of operation, which operation is easy and which operation is hard, thus keeping the beginning and end of the operation. After the operation sequence is fixed, it is necessary to take the starting point (Work Zero) at the same place to get the Co-Ordination. And from there onward, the Co-Ordinate of all the points has to be passed. Most of the Co-Ordinate live in microns, so it is very important to have knowledge of microns.

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Preparing a Part Program:-

CNC machine operates by alpha-pneumatical code. Alpha means (A – Z) and Numeric means (0 – 9) number mean program, it is of 50% Co-Ordinate. And 50% of it is code. By NC code, their sequential information is given for CNC one by one. The collection of this information is a program.

Program Editing:-

After preparing the CNC program, it should be correctly filled in the code board of the CNC machine. While filling the program, the working of all the keys of the panel should be known. In the program (+) (-) sloss, the decimal mark should be correctly returned. The machining process takes place on them. Similarly, it is necessary to have knowledge of Alt, cancel, delete, insert, place, backspace, cursor, page up, page out, etc. to remove the problems coming in the program.

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Work Piece and Mounting:-

Fixture, pallets, and wheel are used to hold the job in CNC. And to hold the tools, these tools are used like head, tool mixing, automatic tool changer. For this, it is necessary for us to know the knowledge and methodology of these tools.

Work Zero Offsetting:-

After setting the job and tool, the Co-Ordinate keeps coming out on the drawing taking the fixed point as zero. By touching the tools to the same point of the job, using the offset method, the cost of all access should be zero. This thing is called Zero offset setting. This method varies according to the control system of different companies. We will know this in detail in the article “CNC part-2” because the program runs only after filling the work Zero Offset.

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To See Simulation:-

The finished program can be seen on the screen without starting the machine, its tool-path (the process of the tool). If there is some mistake in the program then we get to know it on the screen itself. This is called Simulation.

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To Run the Program:-

After all the further actions are completed, the machining starts by using the start key of the panel.

So, friends, this article is for those people who want to learn new things every day, who work on CNC machines in the industry, or know about CNC machines. But even after a long day, he doesn’t learn CNC programming and remains an operator. But friends do not panic, I will keep telling you everything about CNC technology in detail, for this you keep visiting our web portal and keep getting information about other things and keep sharing with others. Keep smiling and laughing like this, my friend will come in front of you soon about CNC – Part 2.

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