Car Accident Repair | How to fix a car accident repair

How to Fix Car Body Repair, Car Accident Repair. how to fix dent car body (Dent Car Body repair), how to use car body, how to fix a car accident repair?.

Car Accident Repair  How to fix a car accident repair

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Car Accident Repair | How to Fix Accident Car Body Repair

Car Body Repair: Hello friends, welcome to the era of automobile technology, dear reader, in the previous article we have learned about chassis repair. So while completing the same article, today’s article is for you, yes friends, in this article we will talk about car Accident repairing,

Friends, do you know about car body used in automobiles, do you know about car accident repair, do you know how to do body quality? And do you have chosen the right article to know about how to repair dent car body? Yes, friends, in today’s article, we will give you detailed information about the car body, and the know-how car body is very important and beneficial.

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Information about the body of the car:-

Friends, you probably know that their body is made of steel, and by joining them together, sections are made by welding, o so that it can provide a lot of strength, along with them, their pillars are also made of steel sections. The key is maintained, because their weight lifting capacity is increased and their body weight is also minimum, the help of gas welding or electric tack welding is taken to connect all these sections.

Car Body Quality:-

  1. The bodyweight of the vehicle should be minimum. So that it can be used easily.
  2. While fitting the body of the car, equal weight should come on the chassis.
  3. The body should be made in such a way that, always keep in mind that any type of screw or rivets should not be loose while walking on the roads, pits, bad roads while walking on them.
  4. The body should have the ability to bear the shocks while walking on the roads.
  5. There should not be any kind of vibration in the body while walking on the roads.
  6. The body design of any car should be in such a way that the driver does not face any problem while driving straight.
  7. All types of joints of the body should be firm so that there is no more vibration while walking on the roads.
  8. The driver’s seat should be very close so that the road can be seen completely.

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How to protect car body from rust:-Special care has to be taken while making the body of the vehicle.

1. While making the body, the body should be made using the galvanized sheet it.

2. While applying paint to the car body, keep in mind that zinc content is high in it.

3. While coating the body, the plastic coating should be done.

4. The inner part of the car body means the panel should be made of rubber solution should be used.

5. While making anybody, make it in such a way that there is no moisture in it.

6. If there is ever a splash of water on the body, then it should come out as soon as possible.

Car Accident Repair | How to Fix Accident Car Body Repair

Many people buy a new car, and also drive well, but some people sometimes increase the speed of the car too much in their own mist, as a result, they get an accident without wanting to. And their car does not remain in normal condition after an accident, it gets many dents, scratches, breakage of the bumper from the side, entire body from front to inside each other, or gets damaged to a great extent.

This is a common thing after all the accidents, so repairing, repairing all these things is the work of an expert, so it cannot be done by any garage mechanic or technical repairing. Whoever is well aware of this can fix it, fixing the body can be done through some such tools.
– Special Tools,
– Finishing Hammer.
– Long Head Bumper Hammer.
– Door Knob Dolly.
– Bid Dolly.
– General Purpose Dolly.
– Dolly Blocks.
– Dolly
– Hammer.
– Sponge
– Electric and gas welding.
– gas machine,
– Special Files.

How to get rid of dents:-

• First of all, know what kind of dent is, from where the body starts, dents also fall from there, when the car collides. At that time the sheet of the body gets dented or twisted, or bursts or it loses its original shape.

1. While repairing anybody, examine it thoroughly, later decide whether to start it in the reverse order, or in the direct order, that is, the dent which was the last, fix it first And the one who got the dent first, fix it later.

2. Remove the soil, paint, or rust from the area from which the dent is to be removed.

3. Then check the dented area by hand or rub it with a file,

4. Bring it to your shape by rubbing it with a file, do not over-file, it can make the sheet thinner, do it according to the requirement if the shit is torn then it can be taken out and fitted only after welding,

5. Be careful while welding, don’t let the hole break, use hammer and mallet wherever necessary, soldering is also done in it, remember that there should be no color and rust in it, otherwise the soldering will not be equal. The grease should be applied little by little using a wooden block.

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