Dance Plus | Tips to turn your dancing skills into a career

Dance Plus – Friends, whenever the Dance Plus Season comes, there is a strange stir in the mind. Because every person has a passion for dance. And everyone is Deewana to dance. But for some reason or the other, your dreams remain unfulfilled. Dance Plus is a platform that helps realize the dream of the world of dance. Dance+’s total 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, have completed the seasons and this is the 6th season.

Dance Plus  Tips to turn your dancing skills into a career

Friends, before knowing about Dance Plus Season 6, you will be introduced to the career in the field of dance (Tips to turn your dancing skills into a career) and will help you to understand its scope in India and around the world, after that turn -Barely the information of dance plus winner and dance plus the program will be shared, so let’s know.

Dance Plus | Tips to turn your dancing skills into a career – Introduction to dance

Dance and choreography, also known as ‘dance theatre’, are the more popular forms of entertainment in the global arena. According to Wikipedia, “The subject of dance theater studies is the performance practice of dance in society, not what is learned in dance classes”.

What is dance and who teaches dance?’ So the answer to this question can be found in the form of dance schools.

According to the National Education Association (NEA), as of 2016, nearly half of US school districts offer classes. Children who participate in dance classes have proven to have extraordinary cognitive and emotional benefits, especially those who do not have the knowledge or support in other areas of the brain that are needed to explore their creative potential.

Indian dance industry –

Indian dance, particularly in India, is considered one of the most complex, individualistic, multifaceted, and engaging forms of art, deeply rooted in the Indian ethos. The fact that India is the birthplace of Bharatanatyam is also a major reason why Bharatanatyam is considered the most widespread dance form of India rooted in Indian tradition.

There are many forms of Indian dance including folk, contemporary, fusion, Kalaripayattu, and Natyam.

Dance is considered a form of meditation and a platform for artistic expression.

India has its own history of classical dance that revolves around both temple architecture and the religious themes associated with them. Today, dance forms are confined only to temples and small villages.

What does a dancer do?

A dancer is a performer whose talent lies in motion, especially through dance. Most of us follow a discipline or craft but a dancer believes that life is a dance and one should respect dance and performing arts to the best of their ability,

In the field of arts, dance includes performing arts such as dance, theatre, music, etc.

The performing arts include dance, music, theatre, dance theatre, etc. In the field of dance, the human body, especially the legs, is put under stress or tension as they need to perform various choreography and multiple movements simultaneously.

Dance has a lot of versatility and hence it is considered to be a very versatile profession.

Tips to turn your dancing skills into a career –

Dance, dance, dance and never stop….. This is a profession that requires you to be extremely flexible and is not limited to any specific skill or any particular type of dance.

It can be an individual or a group thing. The ability to think on your feet is very important and you need to be able to put your foot forward to be successful,

An eye for the stage, amazing grace, and the ability to be at peace with oneself are some of the traits that are important to consider in a dancer.

If you are one of those people who are fascinated by dance but don’t know what you can do with your life, then you can consider dancing as a career. In India, there are various segments in the dance industry that you can choose as a career.

Get Degree in Dance –

The road to becoming a professional dancer is not always easy, but if you have taken the artistic path, then your degree course can prove to be useful.

If you have been trained in Indian dance techniques for a bachelor’s degree, you may be eligible for a master’s program in dance management at the University of Western Australia. As far as universities in India are concerned, you must check their eligibility conditions and contact them to find out if any degree in dance management is available to you.

eg. To obtain a degree in Dance Management from the Regional Institute of Performing Arts (RIPA), Bangalore, you need to study an integrated course in Music, Dance, Media, and Communication,

Take teaching as a career option –

Teaching dance is a lifelong profession in the field of dance. There are many exposure and teaching opportunities available, all you have to do is get started. There are many benefits to this – you can either do what you love or can be paid for, the choice is yours.

It will allow you to earn money working out of your home, use dance as a tool in your career whether you are going to perform on stage or not, turn your dancing skills into a tool in your career May go.

You can learn many unique skills from dancing such as barbering, watercolor painting, ballroom dancing, and much more.

Explore the areas of choreography and direction –

Choosing dance as a career is an art in itself. There are many nuances in this which can be quite challenging for newbies. The options are many and many have made great careers out of it.

First of all, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, there are many options that depend on your career choice and passion.

If you have a flair for stage performances, then stage dance (also known as aerial dance or circus dance) may be the best bet for you. It’s fun and demanding too, if you like to dance on the ground and everyone’s breathless, you can consider contemporary dance, also known as lyrical dance.

How to understand the art of dance –

The root of dance lies in the human body. It is a skill and a gift that a person has from birth. However, once you have studied dance and learned the skills of the art, you can turn your skills into a career.

The CEO of Transworld Dancers and Super Dancer fame dancer “Kavin Gaye” has some pointers to help you understand the field of dance.

  1. Dancers study dance for many years before being considered a professional. In other words, to become a professional dancer, one has to undergo four years of long training under a qualified “Dance Teacher”.
  2. The main difference between a professional dancer and a non-professional dancer is the proper knowledge of dance. This gives the dancer an edge over others as even a professional is very knowledgeable about his field of work.
Why a career in dance?

The most famous dancer Tabu once said that dancing was his passion. She has always been considered an inspiration to many of us. But, this passion is usually not enough to pursue this career.

According to a survey, only 28% of Indians have a desire to learn the art of dance and only 4% have taken it seriously. But, it is definitely an improvement from a survey conducted in 1997.

There are many benefits of dancing. It brings your body into physical harmony and can help you to overcome stress or any other tension in your body.

There are various forms of dance ranging from Indian classical, ballet, belly dance, hip-hop, modern dance, ballroom, contemporary dance, and modern ballroom fusion.

How to get a job –

It is easy to get a job in the field of dance if you have some experience in your dance. Before you can get a good and reliable position, you may need to gain experience first.

You should look for opportunities that require dance/jazz experience and/or give you the opportunity to dance professionally,

You can also look for dance/jazz jobs if you are doing a full-time job in dance or only dancing part-time.

What to expect from the field of dancing –

Indian and world dance forms began five thousand years ago with the establishment of their own dance style traditions in different parts of the world. Indian dance is one of the oldest and most unique among traditional dances.

The love for dance and its ancient and prestigious history is what attracts people to the dance forms of India. There are more than 5000 dance forms in India which range from Bollywood dance to folk dance.

Friends, as we said earlier about the information about dance plus season 6 and dance plus season winner, now its wait is over, would like to tell you that dance plus season 6 has started in Hotstar Disney.

Dance Plus Season 6 – Best Show

Dance Plus Season 6 – 13th September 2021 has started on Disney Plus Hotstar and Star Plus at 8 PM. and produced by Urban Brew Studios in association with Frames Productions. Raghav Juyal is hosting this season.

Dance Plus season 6 was scheduled to start in November 2020 but was postponed due to the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic in India.

A promo was released on 8 July 2021 on the official YouTube channel of Star Plus.

Super Judge and Captain of Dance Plus Season 6 –

Remo D’Souza, Super Judge, is an Indian dancer, choreographer, actor, and film director.

Captain of this season:
  1. Shakti Mohan,
  2. Puneet Pathak,
  3. Salman Yusuf Khan,
Dance Plus Season Winner List –
Sr. No Dance Plus Season WinnerTeam
1.1stV CompanyTeam Dharmesh
2.2ndTanay MalharaTeam Dharmesh
3.3rdBir Radha SherpaTeam Punit
4.4thChetan SalunkheTeam Punit
5.5thRupesh baneTeam Dharmesh

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Conclusion –

Dance is a Major industry and its value lies not only in its entertainment value but also in its ability to transform our lives and our society. People all over the world take dance as a way to deal with their problems and create an artistic platform for community growth and development.

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