Romantic love story 2021 | The best real-life love story of Navratri

Hello friends, today I would like to share my own ”Best Romantic first love story 2021” with you, friends, my true love story cannot be described in words, but you will definitely like ”Navratri Special Romantic first Love Story” – So let’s know.

Romantic love story  The best real-life love story of Navratri

Romantic love story | The best real-life love story of Navratri

It is a matter of those days when the Navratri festival was going on in our village, I still remember those days of Navratri. Friends, when I saw him dancing, I fell in love with him at glance, I was driven crazy by his thoughts in my mind, whenever I used to see him, there was some strange movement in my mind, But at that time I could not express my love to him, because then only I had started loving him. They didn’t even know about me.

At the same time, there was a feeling, and then some voice came from the heart,

Who can steal the heart when,
Can’t tell
But if love is true,
No one can erase it,

Still, love is love, friends were not going to live without them. I would like to tell you that when Navdurga ji’s aarti program was held every day in Navratri, then she used to have darshan. I used to see them with a single glance, 9 days of such Navratri have gone by but I did not express my love to them, I only kept looking at them.

A navratri special romantic true love story in English –

I would like to tell you that the festival of Navratri – I stayed in the village for a day or two even after the Navratri festival, the above may have been the wish of the above, that on the second-day o I was seen going to school because he had to pass through our house. Had to go to school. That’s when I saw me going to school, I would look at him and express my love to him in my heart, but he did not know anything about my love, only I started loving one-sided, but I believed in my love, And o time was not right to express love,

Then I started going to my village to see them, then I thought to myself if I go to the village again and again like this, then maybe the family members will be able to, then I also chose the new platform of my job, Friends, today I am sharing this story with you, for this reason, if you like my real story, then you will pray to God that our love story is successful, and definitely share it with friends.

Heart touching true love story – (Love Story 2017 – 2021)

So friends, let’s know about what happened next, but before that, I would like to say one thing that loves is a power that keeps trust.

There are two and a half letters of love to say, but how much it contains, you cannot tell inside yourself,

Meaning of love – a nectar feeling…
In all its sublime love is the silent expression of tender feelings.
Love is something seen, some unseen, some expressed, some invisible…
Love cannot be described in any definition.
And only love knows the importance of love.

Now I had subordinated myself to him, now everything for him. Then I went ahead to complete my career, but whenever I used to go to the village, I used to yearn to see them, then what true love is to love, if everyone wants it, it will come to the fore.

It has been a whole year doing this, then 2018 came. This year again I went to the village for the Navratri festival, I would like to tell you where my love started, since then I started fasting for Navratri, then am I an engineer with a penny and I could not ignore my job. Still, he used to come to the village to see his love, this year also Navdurga used to see him at the time of Aarti, but maybe I would see him, he knew that he was still ignoring him.

The Real True Love Story of Navratri –

Slowly it was going away on the day of Navratri and the ninth day of Navratri Festival has come, on this day all the people in our village are given Navbhog. We all the people of the village celebrate this festival of the village well. All children, old and women and men come to the temple to take advantage of the enjoyment,

When it came to the distribution of prasad, I saw him and went towards him to serve him prasad, every time I used to go towards him on the pretext of giving him some water, then some prasad. Maybe at that time, he felt something about me,

Friends, in this way, the festival of Navratri of 2018 also went to Navratri Festival, and let me tell you one thing, whenever there were programs in our village, I used to go to the village on this pretext.

Then the year 2018 went by the same way, gradually the days went by, the days turned into months and the months turned into years, 2019 also went the same way, but the definition of love is now love, in Krishna Leela also love is very well has been trimmed. Then did my love get a new look in 2020, my love was also studying in the same school in which I studied and look friends, speak only God’s Leela because I had to go to my school as a guest.

A romantic love story in English (2017 – 2021)

There was a program on 26 January my guruji invited me to my school as a guest, then I was very happy because I got one more chance to meet my love, I used to wait for 26 January all the time because I was in this Didn’t want to lose the opportunity in any way. Then has this day come, I went towards the school after saluting the office flag, the journey from my office to my village is 1 to 1.5 hours. I used to think about him all the way, whether I would be able to give a speech in front of him, some strange movement was happening in my mind.

Slowly again forgetting all these things, made concentration on the bike and after completing the 1.5-hour journey in 1 hour reached my school, only then my friend had already come, we both went to the school campus together, I went to the Flag worship program was done. We were given breakfast again, and after some time my name was announced on the stage, then did I start seeing them only to see where my wife is. I was speaking my speech in front of everyone but I was only looking at them to see where my wife is.

True Love Romance –

Then he appeared, what I was saying o I did not know because I was thinking only about my love. For some time I thought that I should propose to her now but I give her respect. And let me tell you that this time was not right. Then I paused my speech and went to the school office. Sweets were kept in the office, picked up sweets and started eating and started looking at them from the window, then did this day also happen in the name of their memories. Then I reached home, and this day also went on like this. When I was going to my office village. The next day oh see me again. And slowly even these days went by.

How to express True Love?

Now it was left to tell him about his heart, few such days went by and then the emergence of Covid-19 [Corona] started. All countries’ colleges, malls, railways, buses, public places, and everywhere were locked down, gradually the lockdown increased.

Then I came to my village, living in a village is a different thing. Let me tell you that the weather of the village, oh greenery and beautiful environment, in such a situation, I started jogging in the morning, now I did not know that my wife also comes for jogging. My heartfelt relaxed and I also started jogging every day, then slowly I started talking to them, friends, now I will tell you one thing, you will be very surprised, friends talked to them for the first time since 2017, then slowly Every day we started talking while jogging in the morning,

But it is said that it is not so easy to express love, it seems that I will do it, but when I come in front and have to express my love to them, it bursts a lot, man, still I had to express love. Because life does not give such a beautiful feeling again and again, then did not come on the second day, then I went to my office village but a thought in my mind was not letting me sleep that if I do not express my love now, I will never be able to Then I thought I have to propose this time. Then went to the village after 15 days, and started jogging again on the second day.

Navratri Special First Romantic love story 2021

Two or three days have gone by like this, and I have made my mind strong that if I want to propose them tomorrow, then I have to do it. I was eagerly waiting for the next day that when tomorrow’s day will come, I was not able to sleep at night, I was thinking what to talk to them? How to propose, no matter how the night went and got up at 4.30 in the morning and got fresh, and prepared for jogging. Had to talk to him today.

When I met him and started talking to him when I was proposing, there was a different feeling in my heart, what should I say, I was not understanding anything, and friends, Propose happened in a different way, “Oh dear in the morning.” Weather, cold wind – trees all around and a call came out from my heart that you are a priceless gem of my life, will you be my wife’, on hearing this, O smiled in my mind and left.

Now it is obvious that in Propose it is common to say I Love You [I love you] but it was a direct attack, they did not understand anything about what to reply, then did o go to my house and I went to my house. Came, then was thinking about them all day long. If there is nothing in his mind, then he will not come tomorrow, but the next morning I met him again, now I did not talk to him, because of the love I had for him and the respect that friends have for him in the true sense. It is amazing that I proposed her directly for my wife because I had accepted her as my half-wife from my heart.

Heart touching story – A Romantic true love story

Then a couple of weeks went by like this, I again came to my office village, then my mind was not starting to feel here, some discomfort was happening. Then went back to my village, now I was working for Work From Home and there is a lot of net problem in the village. That’s why I started going wherever I used to go for jogging in the evening, then did I come by cycle for a day or two. Then on the second-day o come alone, friends, now the above would want our door connected, I would like to tell that on the same day I talked to my father about his studies because the now online study is being given importance. Then both of us started walking together that day, after some talk, he gave me his contact number, I shared some studies related links to him,

Now the chapter of our love story has started, do not want to know what happened next? – So how and when we used to talk.

The next day his message came, he talked for a while and after talking in the night he said, I also said OK, then what? I would really like to tell you that I never used to do chatting on mobile, but that day from 8 o’clock in the night to 1 o’clock in the night, then the night was enough and both of them slept with Good Night Sweet Heart,

What’s up, a Romantic true love story?

We met them again the next morning, but we did not even look at each other, then our chatting started every day on WhatsApp, we used to chat every day at night. And in the meantime, due to his desire, I used to be disturbed by my work. I felt that I have work which I am not doing with full attention, then I came to my office village, used to live in his thoughts here too, but explained my mind, son, you are yours, now you have to work hard for them.

Then I started focusing on my work and started liking them so much that they started doing their work as inspiration, my hard work doubled, but in the meantime, there was a shock that our mother might have come to know about us, because that day I could neither chat nor talk with him, now I have to go to the village and what really happened. If you want to talk to him, friends stay with us to listen to my story ahead, thank you till then… Navratri special Real Love Story

[Excuse me guys, you must be wondering what is his name? But friends, I can not share his name with you in any way, because I have to give respect to him only then I will be able to express my love in front of you.
Meet friends… I am going to complete the incomplete story… wishing you all…

Tell us the success story of love – the success story?

[Friends, in the same way, if you want to publish your story o also absolutely free, then definitely contact us. But friends, your story should be real, if you want to publish your name, then you can do it or you can hide your name like this story.]

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